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About Stephen Mills

As a New York City based digital designer, I've worked in-house with major fashion and beauty brands such as Calvin Klein and Elizabeth Arden designing and creating a variety of print and digital deliverables. I've developed digital initiatives using current web standards, including emerging technologies, mobile traditional channels and social media. My scope of work also extends outside the fashion and beauty industries -- from family owned companies such as Ronnybrook Farm to Fortune 500 companies such as American Express. 

My creativity, ability to adapt to new situations and versatility allow me to excel in varied environments. I have learned how to quickly interpret my skills in any situation. My motivation is to completely utilize my accumulated experience and knowledge to the fullest extent possible, becoming a valuable asset to any company. My previous experience and training has armed me with the reputation as an industrious, hard working and versatile individual.


"Working with Stephen is always a pleasure. My partners and I have already used his services for several projects and we are truly pleased and amazed at his creativity. To me, the level of service and commitment you receive is key to a successful and thriving relationship. Stephen continuously exceeds my expectations and I am honored to offer a recommendation."

Amus Stevens, CEO/ Founder, Alto Credit

"Stephen is fantastic! He clearly gets it and understands what we need to communicate. He is fast and extremely reliable in getting the job done. Feels like my own in-resource. Highly recommend him!"

Michael Reichwald, President, Yorkson Legal

"Working with Stephen was an absolute pleasure. Stephen was tasked with the most important design job we have had to date...designing our new company logo which would be the foundation for all of our branding. I was completely satisfied with the end result, and constantly receive positive feedback about our new company logo. Stephen's dedication, and ability to distill our brand into his designs have been unparalleled by any design professional that we have worked with in the past."

Marcos Carbajal, Owner, Carnitas Uruapan Restaurant (Chicago)

"It was a real pleasure to work with Stephen. He created the website and logo for my new company, White Strand Entertainment at the beginning of 2014.  I was really amazed by his creativity and how he was able to complete both the website and logo in such a timely fashion. I would highly recommend Mr. Mills to anyone that is looking to have a brilliant website or logo developed for their business."  

Annie Matzkin, CEO & Executive Producer, White Strand Entertainment

Awards & Honors

• Recognition by the University of Michigan for outstanding work in the field of Design.

• Citation from the Massachusetts House of Representatives for the HUV Project's work in Haiti and development of the HUV. 

• Art work titled: "Homeless Utility Vehicle" Featured at the 2010 Biennale Internationale Design in Saint-Étienne France.

• Honorary speaker at the 2011 "Public Space and Homelessness: Exposing Research" conference at Cité du Design in Saint-Étienne France.

* For more info on The HUV Project please visit:


Client List:


Victoria’s Secret

Elizabeth Arden    



Vineyard Vines

Brooks Brothers


Calvin Klein

David Barton Gym

USA Studios

Ralph Lauren

Frost Productions

Yorkson Legal      



Lord & Taylor  

Hexicon Capital    

May Sky Inc.      

Alto Credit      

Boombox Inc.      



Carnitas Uruapan      

Nine West    


Source Media

White Strand Entertainment


American Express


Kate Spade

Apparel Group

Havas Worldwide

Ogilvy & Mather

Ronnybrook Farm

La Prairie


Gracious Home New York



Ziff Davis Enterprise